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GNNradio Basic Program Schedule

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Weekday Schedule

6:00AM - Grace to You (John MacArthur)

  • 6:30AM - Talks for Growing Christians (David Reid)

7:00AM - Turning Point (David Jeremiah)

  • 7:30AM - Powerpoint (Jack Graham)

8:00AM - Focus on the Family (Jim Daly)

  • 8:30AM - Family Life (Rainey/Lepine)

9:00PM - In Touch (Charles Stanley)

  • 9:30AM - Family Talk (James Dobson)

10:00AM - Insight for Living (Chuck Swindoll)

  • 10:30AM - Love Worth Finding (Adrian Rodgers)

11:00AM - Just Thinking (Razi Zacharias)

  • 11:30AM - Running to Win (Erwin Lutzer)

12:00PM - Back to the Bible (John Munro)

  • 12:30PM - Thru the Bible (J. Vernon McGee)

1:00PM - GNN Music Hour

2:00PM - Point of View (Kerby Anderson)

4:00PM - GNN Live! (Brian Dickert)

6:00PM - Money Matters (Moore/Dayton)

  • 6:45PM - Stories of Great Christians

7:00PM - Adventures in Odyssey

  • 7:30PM - Focus on the Family (Jim Daly)

8:00PM - In Touch (Charles Stanley)

  • 8:30PM - Talks for Growing Christians (David Reid)

9:00PM - GNN Music Hour

10:00PM - Grace to You (John MacArthur)

  • 10:30AM - Today in the Word (Moody)

11:00PM - GNN Music Hour

12:00AM - 6:00PM - Music Thru the Night