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Historic South Carolina Flooding Brings Massive Relief Effort

"This(the relief effort) will be a marathon, not a 100-yard dash."

Bar the Doors?? The Church in an Increasingly Litigious America

"Are we going to believe God, and even Jesus, or are we going to believe the world? ? Culture has this wrong, you all."

Christians Flee as Violence Spreads to Northern Iraqi Cities

Iraqi Christians come under fire again.

Georgia VA Hospital Apologizes for Banning Christmas Carolers

Sudden Turn of Events from the Augusta, Georgia VA Hospital Administration.

Tornado Outbreak, Storms Kill Many in Arkansas, Oklahoma

Devastation looked like bomb blast had gone off.

Christians facing new wave of attacks in Nigeria

69 killed in Katsina State in latest militant attack.

North Korea releases Australian missionary

North Korean officials freed a Christian missionary arrested for handing out Bibles.

Typhoon Haiyan Caused Damage 'Beyond Description'

'Beyond Description,' 'Worse Than Hell' in Philippines; Now Hits Vietnam

IM Typhoon Haiyan | News & Events

Abortion Clinics Closing in Record Numbers

Closure of Planned Parenthood clinic seen as prayer model.

October Bible Drive

Bible Foundation Plans Annual Bible Drive in October.

Hope Universal

Bringing Christ to the Nations through Christian witness and humanitarian assistance.

Life Vote!

House passes a late-term abortion ban that protects unborn babies capable of feeling pain.

Storm Troopers....Tornado Relief

Local churches and other Christian organizations help lead efforts to respond to Oklahomas deadly twisters.

Homegrown Fears Realized

Bostons twin bombings are a stark reminder that the homeland remains vulnerable.

IM Boston Bombing | News & Events

FCC May Drop Ban on TV Nudity & Expletives

An announcement that received little attention could have a major impact on America's families.

IM Fcc Nudity Ban Decision | News & Events

Tim's Place Restaurant - Special

Serving Food and Hugs!!

IM Tim Harris Hugs | News & Events

Great Commission ... to the Muslim World

In the so-called Muslim world, its local Christian believers who carry the Great Commission.

Newtown You are Not Alone!

Newtown survivors grapple with grief after Fridays mass shooting.

My 'Foolish' Reaction to President Obama's Re-election.

...renew our hope in the God in whose hands we rest, "safe and secure from all alarm.

Netanyahu Speaks to UN About "Red Line" for Iran

Netanyahu - "Nothing could imperil the world more than a nuclear-armed Iran."

Hobby Lawsuit Against Healthcare Mandate

The Green family(owner) respects every individual's right to free speech.

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Pastors agree - this restriction must be declared unconstitutional.

Hurricane Isaac Hits Gulf Coast

Isaac Slowly Leaving a Big Impact

Aimee Copeland Back Home, Plans Public Appearance

It's on to the next phase for Aimee Copeland.

Seven Qualified for the Prize

Seven U.S. Olympic athletes hope to excel in London while giving glory to God

Egypt's Christians - Outside the Camp

Fears of Persecution from Elected Muslim Brotherhood

Pastor Goes to Jail for Hosting Bible Study

Starts 60 Day Sentence Today.

Augusta Woman Fights Flesh-Eating Bacteria: UPDATE

Father says Copeland Experiencing a Lot of Pain

Creation Museum Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Holographic 'Lucy' Exhibit Highlights Anniversary Celebration

Modern Youth Ministry: a 50 Year Experiment Failed?

A Group of Former Pastors/Youth Leaders Speak Out

Activists Rally at Supreme Court for Health Law Arguments

Activists on both sides argue their "cases".

"Talks for Growing Christians" Teacher Goes to be with the Lord

Dr. David Reid Taught on GNNradio for Nearly 17 Years.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally

Crowds expected at many locations nationwide.

Under Attack....Again!

Crisis pregnancy centers are facing a new campaign to smear and silence them.

Evangelical Vote Key in South Carolina Primary

Evangelical Christians have dominated Republican politics for decades in South Carolina.

Shalit Release: Israel's Joy Tempered by Memories of an Intifadeh

Shalit's Release Causes Both Joy and Concern.

Netanyahu - Peace Can't Be Forged Apart From Negotiation

Israeli President Speaks to U.N. Shortly After Palestinian Statehood Bid

Hurricane Irene - After the Storm

Even GNNradio listeners were affected by the storm.

Hurricane Irene Aims for NC Coast

GNNradio listeners will feel effect of storm

Israel Endures More Attacks - Latest Near Egypt Border

Israel Responds to Coordinated Violent Attacks on 8/18/11

Being a Family Caregiver - Rewarding in More Ways Than One!!

Rewards from Caregiving? They Can Come in Different Ways.

Archaeologists Uncover Ruins of Biblical City of Shekem

Important Biblical City Uncovered in war-torn Palestine

Success Breeds Contempt for Chick-fil-A

Can standing for faith cause a business problems?

South Carolina Bat Boy Inspires Series Victory

Can a Bat Boy Inspire Victory?

After Controversy, Baptists Affirm Belief in ETERNAL Hell

Does the Bible Speak of a "literal" Hell?

Israel Continues to Face Enemy Challenges

...Hamas forces in Gaza continue to work against Israel.

More Severe Storms Pound the Midwest

...More Tornados Pound the Midwest!

Tedious Days for Mississippi Flood Evacuees

Mississippi Flood Evacuees spend long days waiting for flood waters to receed.

How excited are you about your Bible?

Watch a people who are REALLY excited about getting God's Word in their own language.

"The Land and the Book" Debuts on GNNradio

The Land and the Book with Dr. Charlie Dyer debuts on GNNradio Saturday 3/26/11.

Nurseries Caroliniana - Brothers Make Nursery Grow

Gerald & Ted Stephens have been gardening now for over 40 years....

Ominous UK Ruling on Christians Fostering

... (U.K.) Christians with traditional beliefs on sexual ethics are unsuitable as foster care parents...could that happen here in America?

Money Life Program Ends Production

Crown Ministry program ends run of more than 25 years on the air.

We are thrilled to debut our new website!

Website should provide more content to our listeners...

South Carolina Immigration Law Challenged

Government Feels SC State Law Undermines Federal Authority.

Great Commission ... to the Muslim World

In the so-called Muslim world, its local Christian believers who carry the Great Commission.