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Netanyahu Decries Iran Deal Before U.N.

"If Iran were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you would be less enthusiastic about this deal!"

Nurseries Caroliniana - Brothers Make Nursery Grow

Gerald & Ted Stephens have been gardening now for over 40 years....

The Lost Girls (of Nigeria)

Boko Harams horrific kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls is one part of a wider campaign to obliterate Christians.

IM  Nigeria Lost Girls | Featured

Christian Doctor Killed in Afghan Attack

A pediatrician from Chicago, others, gunned down by a policeman in Kabul.

Are young Americans really losing interest in church?

A new Barna Group study found eight out of 10 young Americans dont think church is important...

IM Teen with Bible | Featured

Has America's Form of Christianity Left the Church in 'Spiritually Dead' Condition?

A California pastor says he is concerned about the state of the church.

IM the american church | Featured

Healthcare Sharing...Practical Alternative to Healthcare?

Christians who use a sharing ministry to meet their health care costs.

IM Healthcare Sharing | Featured

Churches and Boy Scouts

Three New Carolina Churches Drop Boy Scouts

IM church leaving boy scouts | Featured

9/11 - A Sober Aniversary

Twelve years after 9/11, the enemy is the same in New York, Boston, Benghazi, or Damascus.

IM Jihadists Still Active | Featured

Labor Day "Labors of Love"

Five people who have found a way to serve others and earn a living through work they enjoy.

IM Labor Day Service of Love | Featured

ACTS - A Call to Serve by Adventures in Odyssey

You're invited to be part of something BIG!

IM Acts-A Call to Serve | Featured

Why Is the Pro-Life Message Winning and Traditional Marriage Losing?

Gains and Losses in These Areas Don't Add Up!

IM Pro-life victories | Featured

A 'Sad Day' for Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America pass a resolution to allow openly homosexual boys to participate in Scouting, forcing opponents to seek alternative programs for boys

IM Boy Scout Decision | Featured

Jack Graham and PowerPoint

7:30AM Daily Program starts on GNNradio April 1st.

im jack graham powerpoint2 | Featured

Resolved to Love and Serve

After 52 years ... Ed and Tina Green remain committed to one another.

IM Greens Marriage | Featured

What is Marriage?

...and what is not??

IM Marriage | Featured

40 Years ... and Millions of Lives

Roe v. Wade continues its grim business, but pro-life activity is saving lives, too

IM Roe Babies | Featured

The Backward Path Forward

In moments of terror and great sorrow, remember what the Lord has done.

IM Backward Path Forward | Featured

2012 Vote? Are you?

30,000,000 Christians are not registered or don't vote

IM Vote Counts | Featured

Debunking DNA "Junk" Ideas

Researchers are showing that the old Darwinian ideas about 'junk' DNA were simplistic.

IM DNA Image | Featured

C.S. Lewis - Creation and Evolution

A New Look at Lewis' Views on Science, Evolution.

IM CS Lewis | Featured

"Nye" Time for a Rebuttal

Nye's Comments on Parents Teaching Creationism Needed an Answer

IM Ken Ham2 | Featured

Athiests' Cross to Bear

Atheists Lawsuit is Back in the News.

IM Ground Zero Cross | Featured

After 62 Years, Sugar Boy Comes Home!

His flag-draped casket made the eight-hour flight from Honolulu

IM Sugar Boy Comes Home to Macon | Featured

Colorado Theater Shooting Shocks the Nation

Christians Point to the Reality of Evil!

IM Colorado Shooting | Featured

Aimee Copeland Leaves the Hospital

The early prognosis didn't expect her to survive at all!

IM Aimee Copeland Leaves Hospital | Featured

World War II Widow Finally Learns of Missing Husband

...a 60-year mystery finally solved.

IM WWII Widow Learns of Missing Husband | Featured

GNNradio Hosts 'Biblical Moments' Tom Taylor In Augusta

Taylor's "Biblical Moments" Heard on GNNradio for 25 years!

Tom Taylor Picture | Featured

Byte-sized Bibles

Special microchips are invaluable resources to Christians in hostile nations.

im Bible on devices | Featured

Reaching Albania with the Gospel

The Challenge of Taking the Gospel to a Former Atheist Stronghold.

IM G Sturm Albania Missions  | Featured

Studying God's Word - A Priority of the Early Church

Acts 2:42 details that the early church focused on "the apostles' doctrine".

IM the Bible | Featured

Holocaust Remembrance - Past History and Present Danger

04-19-12 - "Prime Minister Netanyahu Delivers Speech"

im Holocaust Remembrance | Featured

College Christian Groups...Led by Non-Christians?

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Pertinent Case.

im supreme court | Featured

The Bible in Public Schools?

Organization Offers Free Bible Curriculum to Public Schools.

IM KJV Picture small | Featured

What to do with Iran?

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions a Problem for Israel...and America.

IM Iran Nuclear Ambitions | Featured

Moms In Prayer

Our name has changed, but our ministry of prayer remains the same.

IM Moms in Prayer | Featured

Full of LIFE!

Once middle-aged or elderly, today's pro life supporters are characterized by youth.

IM Baby | Featured

A Christmas Quiz - Test your Knowledge!

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Christmas?

IM Christmas Quiz | Featured

Tim Tebow Does It Again...And Thanks Jesus!

QB Tebow's Broncos Win Their 6th Game in a Row.

IM Tim Tebow Kneeling | Featured

A Time for Choosing...Americans Weigh In on Federal Spending Cuts

Website Offers Americans a Chance to Weigh In on Where to Cut.

IM Worldmag Cleaver | Featured

"In God We Trust" Reaffirmed as National Motto

U.S. House of Representatives Concurs with U.S. Senate's 2006 Resolution

IM In God We Trust | Featured

Christians - Quit Worrying!!

It ruins good days and bad days, and puts faith in the wrong place.

IM Worrying-Worldmag | Featured

Help for Christian Parents in Choosing a College

Where can Christian parents find good information on college ratings?

IM College Info for Parents | Featured

Is It Important That Adam & Eve Are Real People?

Recent "scholars" question: real people or a story?

IM Adam and Eve | Featured

New Website Targets Identity Theft

9 million Americans have their identity stolen each year!

IM Identity theft | Featured

Fox Creek "Miracle" Teen

Fox Creek Football player CJ Williams Believes in Miracles

IM Fox Creek Miracle Teen | Featured

Preparing for a Hurricane

Now is the time to prepare, before a hurricane strikes!

im hurricane irene prep | Featured

Prayer Rally in Tennessee Affects Drug War

Scott County turns to prayer to fight drug problem.

IM Scott County Prayer against drugs | Featured

Medical Missions in Haiti

IM Medical Missions in Haiti | Featured

Important Missions Work to a Very Needy Area

50 Years of Reaching the Lost with Chick Tracts

Chick Tracts- Using | Featured

Chick Tracts have been used 50 years to reach the lost for Christ.

Charleston Ranked #2 Top City to Visit

IM Charleston Photo | Featured

Tourism is an $18 billion industry yearly in South Carolina

New GNNradio Saturday Kids Schedule

IM Children's Ministry | Featured

Great Saturday Kids Programming on GNNradio

Dead Sea Scrolls Show Accuracy of our Scriptures

Live viewing of Dead Sea Scroll fragment...

IM Dead Sea Scrolls small | Featured

Rare 1611 KJV Bible Makes an Appearance

IM KJV Picture small | Featured

The famous KVJ Bible Celebrates a Birthday...

Jesus didn't return on May 21. Now what?

im charlie dyer | Featured

The 5/21 Rapture Didn't Happen...Now What??

Israel's Independence Comes with a High Price

Clashes turn violent on Israel's birthday.

IM Israeli Soldiers | Featured

A New Look at the Empty Tomb

04-08-11 - "Nick Guy and the Empty Tomb Affair"

IM Empty Tomb | Featured

Larry Price - Released from "prison" while in prison!

03/25/11 - Larry Price stops by GNNradio and shares his testimony.

IM Larry Price | Featured

Eight Essentials of a Healthy Home

3-4-11 - We all want to have a peace filled home - here are the 8 essentials of a healthy home.

IM Dad & Kids | Featured

James Dobson talks about new program

Dobson & Barinowski picture | Featured

2/28/11 - James Dobson and GNN President Clarence Barinowski discuss "Family Talk with James Dobson".

Ginger Millermon's Inspiring Story of Her Son...and Her Trust in God

IM Ginger Millermon | Featured

Would YOU Trust God when You Can't Understand What He is Doing??

Ten Questions Every Husband Should Ask His Wife Annually

2-14-11 - Want to improve your marriage...are you asking your wife the right questions?

IM Indian Couple FL Today | Featured

Dobson Talks About "Why Men Leaving the Church...and How to Get Them Back"

IM Family Talk Man with Bible | Featured

2/10/11 - James Dobson Talks About "Why Men Leaving the Church...and How to Get Them Back"

Open Letter to President Obama from NRB

01/20/11 - National Religious Broadcasters Post Open Letter to President Obama...

Bill of Rights Image partial | Featured

Believing Bubba Watson...Master's Champ!

There is something different about Bubba Watson!!

IM Bubba Watson Master's Champ | Featured

"The Land and the Book" Debuts on GNNradio

The Land and the Book with Dr. Charlie Dyer debuts on GNNradio Saturday 3/26/11.

Save Jonathan Park Campaign

Jonathan Park, ministering to children of all ages about God's wonderful creation!

IM save jonathan park | Featured