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Historic South Carolina Flooding Brings Massive Relief Effort


IM SC Flooding | News & Events

A South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief official is predicting that it will take years for the state to recover from recent extensive flooding of the past two days, and he says South Carolina Baptists will be front and center in that effort.

?This will be a marathon, not a 100-yard dash,? said Randy Creamer, disaster relief coordinator for the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

South Carolina Baptists have already responded by volunteering on the ground, sending hundreds of five-gallon ?flood buckets? and thousands of cases of bottled water to affected areas, and donating money to help with rebuilding.

Hundreds of South Carolina Baptists also volunteer through South Carolina Baptist Disaster Relief, which provides coordinated assistance at home and in other states during times of crisis through feeding units, shelters, mud-out and chainsaw teams, chaplains and other resources. Stay abreast of the latest efforts of South Carolina Baptists in meeting the needs of flood victims and communities at the SCBC Facebook page.

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