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Does pre-Fall death skew ones view of Christs return?


IM Lion-Death not good | News & Events

A vast number of conservative theologians accept animal death before Adams Fall. No significant doctrines are impacted, they say, if animals have been killing each other for millions of years.

Many pastors and theologians today believe that the earth is millions or billions of years old. But based on my reading and interactions, it is clear that most of them have never really considered the theological implications of allowing animal death, disease, predation, and extinction prior to Adams sin in the Garden of Eden.

When challenged about this seeming inconsistency, they usually point to the overwhelming scientific evidence and say or imply that their perspective is easy to harmonize with the Bible and it doesnt significantly affect any important doctrines. This attitude is being promoted in theology textbooks widely used in conservative evangelical seminaries, colleges, and churches.

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