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Newtown You are Not Alone!


IM Grieving Newtown Survivors | News & Events

This small Connecticut town has Christmas lights up, but the weight of grief is palpable. Painted plywood signs, by the interstate and on Main Street and on hillsides, plead, Pray for Newtown. In Newtown churches on Sunday morning, parents would start talking around the coffee table, then pause, unexpectedly overwhelmed. Men cried. Women cried. The people of the town seemed shell-shocked.

On Sunday night, for the fourth time in his presidency, President Barack Obama came to speak words of comfort after a mass shooting. But this time, somehow, was the most wrenching. Families of the 20 children and six teachers and administrators killed in the Friday shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as first responders were invited to hear the speech at Newtown High School, just down the road from the elementary school. Sobs and wails broke out in the auditorium at different moments in the presidents speech, one of his most heartfelt.

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