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Are young Americans really losing interest in church?


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A new Barna Group study found eight out of 10 young Americans dont think church is important, but a comprehensive review of current literature on the topic reveals that the majority of millennials from Christian homes actually keep their faith.

The Barna study results seem grim: Looking to future generations does not paint an optimistic picture for the importance of church going. The survey found more than a third of millennialsadults age 30 and undertake an anti-church stance and 59 percent have dropped out of church at some point.

But Glenn Stanton, director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family and a research fellow at the Institution of Marriage and Family, said that while Barna does very good work, it isnt looking at the big picture. In order to draw the largest and sharpest conclusion, it is important to look at the whole body of leading information, not just one study. And that picture is much more promising.

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