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9/11 - A Sober Aniversary


IM Jihadists Still Active | Featured

By the time you read this America may be embroiled in another war in the Middle East. Whether or not America bombs the Assad regime in Damascus cannot be a result of an analysis of Syria, its president Bashar al-Assad, or human rights abuses occurring within the country. The violence in Syria is inextricably linked to the events that occurred on 9/11, to the attacks on the 9/11 anniversary last year in Benghazian attack that led to the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his security detailas well as to the Patriots Day bombing in Boston that killed three and wounded over 200. As we approach another 9/11 anniversary, the common factor behind these events is jihadi ideology and its direct impact on the national security of the United States. It is a factor we have closed our eyes to as a nation for far too long.

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