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Labor Day "Labors of Love"


IM Labor Day Service of Love | Featured

Many TV commercials tell us to tolerate our jobs and live for weekends. Nineteenth-century Boston pastor Phillips Brooks, though, wrote about the importance of enjoying work, the actual doing of it, and not only in its idea. No man to whom the details of his task are repulsive can do his task well constantly, however full he may be of its spirit. He may make one bold dash at it and carry it over all his disgusts, but he cannot work on at it year after year.

How do people find work they enjoy? Sometimes they have a breakthrough. Sometimes they have to endure years of frustration before they see the way to go. As we move toward Sept. 2, Labor Day, here are (in ascending order of age) five stories of people in one small cityAsheville, N.C.who like what they do.

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