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Over a decade ago a Chinese missionary enlightened Ken Allen, a Texas pastor and computer programmer, to the need for Bible study materials in a digital format. Allen had asked the missionary why he was trying to scan English pages of Matthew Henry's commentaries onto a compact disc, and the answer was, "Anything is better than nothing. And that's all that we have in Chinanothing."

Knowing that Bibles and commentaries already translated to Mandarin would be more helpful to the missionary, Allen enlisted the help of his three young sons and founded the Digital Bible Society ( in his home in 2001. They spent the next 10 years creating and revising a copyright-free data CD containing hundreds of Chinese-language hymns and books (including The Pilgrim's Progress) along with an 80-minute evangelistic film called The Hope. Allen, now 51, told me millions of Chinese people have copies of the CD.

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