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College Christian Groups...Led by Non-Christians?


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The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied an appeal by two religious groups at San Diego State University who sought to limit their membership to those who shared the same beliefs and values.

In a one-sentence order with no comment, the high court declined to hear the case, which came as no surprise to the Alliance Defense Fund, which represented the Alpha Delta Chi sorority and Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity.

"The United States Supreme Court decided not to hear a case today. Alpha Delta Chi (ADX) v Reed. But that's not really news considering that they decide not to hear about 99% of the cases brought to them," said David Cortman, ADF senior counsel.

"What is news though is that the issue in the case of whether religious groups can choose leaders who share their religious beliefs remains hotly contested on the national level."

Religious organizations across the country like InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and the two groups at SDSU are currently fighting to "remain religious," as Cortman described, with several universities targeting Christian groups for their purportedly "discriminatory" policies. This includes requiring a leader to agree with the organization's statement of faith.

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