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Preparing for a Hurricane


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COLUMBIA, S.C. Aug. 22, 2011 When a hurricane threat is looming, there is little time to get your home ready and take your family to safety. As some forecasts have Hurricane Irene hitting the South Carolina coast this weekend, now is the time to make preparations.

Planning ahead is crucial to your safety in a severe storm, said Russ Dubisky, executive director of the South Carolina Insurance News Service. If an evacuation order is issued, you need to follow directions immediately, know where youre going and what to take with you.

Here is some helpful information:

Decide ahead of time where youll go if an evacuation order is issued. Have more than one alternative the home of a friend or family member, a hotel, a shelter. Keep the phone numbers and addresses of these locations handy. In case your family members are separated during the evacuation, identify a specific place to meet and ask an out-of-town family member to serve as a contact, the Insurance Information Institute suggests.

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