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50 Years of Reaching the Lost with Chick Tracts

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A Letter by Jack Chick, founder of "Chick Tracts".

This is the most wonderful time of my life. 2011 marks 50 years that Chick Publications has been in existence. Talk about miracles. How could God use someone as dumb as I am and give him the most wonderful job on earth?

Chick Publications started because every time I tried to witness to someone about Jesus, we would get interrupted. I made a flip chart with illustrations for a presentation to a prison camp and nine out of eleven prisoners got saved.

Later, I saw Chinese booklets that were used to win China to communism. The Lord directed me to try winning people with illustrated gospel tracts. When I got a couple of tracts done and displayed in Christian bookstores, I was shamed by my brothers in Christ for putting the gospel in cartoon stories.

I was a pioneer back then with no idea that this venture would even take off. Chick Publications was given to God in prayer and He has guided us to hit subjects that we dreaded. But we were obedient and saw a harvest of souls as a result.

Chick Publications is loved by many for not changing our position all these years, sticking with Gods scriptures and always telling that same old gospel message in different ways. Hated for exposing false teachings, soul winners love us, but not the theological seminaries. Its been a running battle.

The Lord said in James 4:14, For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. It is so true. I can hardly believe how fast fifty years can come and go.

Chick Publications is now celebrating fifty years of producing that unchanging, old-fashioned gospel message in every single tract. Only the Lord knows how many have come to Him out of the 800,000,000 or so tracts God has allowed us to print and people like you to hand out, in over 100 languages.

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