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Rare 1611 KJV Bible Makes an Appearance


The authorized version, more popularly known as the King James Version (KJV), due to its translation under James 1 of England, was produced at the request of the clergy in the Church of England. It was a revision of the Bishops Bible of 1568, which it replaced as the official translation with the Anglican Church. Other translations, including the Geneva Bible and the Matthews Bible, were also consulted. The 1611 printing of the King James Version was done only in the large pulpit size.

The first printing of the KJV contained a printing error in Ruth 3:15. Although it is speaking of Ruth, the printing reads and he went into the citie. The mistaken use of the pronoun has caused the edition to be known as the He variant. During the National Religious Broadcasting convention this past February, we were able to take this picture of that edition, showing the misprint. Subsequent printings, known as She Bibles corrected the error. Fewer than 200 original printings of the 1611 are known to exist. Of those, fewer than 50 are He Bibles.

Within several decades, the King James Version had overtaken the Geneva Bible in popularity, in part because of its authorized status within the Church of England. More copies of the KJV have been printed than any other book in world history.

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