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Jesus didn't return on May 21. Now what?


IM The Land and the Book | Featured

Jesus didn't return on May 21. Now what?

In spite of all the hype and hoopla generated by Harold Camping, Jesus was a no-show for the rapture on May 21. The news media have finished laughing and are now turning their attention to other stories. Soon the billboards will come down, and the entire event will be forgotten by most.

But before the story slips from our collective memories, I want to focus on two concerns--and two lessons--we need to learn from this event.

Concern #1: I'm concerned for Camping's followers who believed his prediction...and quit their jobs, maxed out their credit cards, spent their savings, and ultimately put stress on their families. Right now they are struggling with feelings of anger and embarrassment. They bought into the message of a man who seemed so persuasive, so sure of his facts. And now they don't know what to do...or what to believe. If you know some of his followers, please reach out to them. They need your encouragement...and your biblical wisdom.

Concern #2: I'm concerned for believers who were mildly concerned about Camping's prediction. They didn't abandon all to follow him, but they were at least curious. Perhaps they even watched the clock on May 21 to see if Jesus just might indeed return at the predicted hour. But when He didn't, they shrugged their shoulders and quietly congratulated themselves over not getting too excited about the prediction. And any thoughts they might have had about preparing for the rapture all too quickly vanished. Like a vaccination, they have been inoculated against getting too excited about Christ's return. And this can lead to spiritual lethargy and complacency.

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Charlie Dyer/The Land and The Book