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Ginger Millermon's Inspiring Story of Her Son...and Her Trust in God


Ginger Millermon and her husband, Joel, were exhausted. They had watched, prayed, and waited for months on end as their infant twin son, Jarrott, fought for every breath. His lips would turn blue, his tiny chest would cave inat times, it was all just too much to take. And now the doctors were about to come in and give them a prognosis.

Mr. and Mrs. Millermon, they said, there is nothing else we can do. You need to let him go. Take him off the respirator and say goodbye. He will never have any quality of life. He will most likely have cerebral palsyor worse-- even if he lives. This will be easier on you both, in the long run.

Ginger had just one question. Does his brain show activity? she whispered. Yes, the doctors answered, his brain activity is very high. Thats all Ginger and Joel needed to know. Then were not doing anything, they said. Were not going to cut Gods hand short.

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